Made to measure vintage industrial desks

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While many people love vintage industrial desks. They drudge away during their morning commutes and sit idly behind computers all day at jobs they hate they are oblivious to the vast spectrum of creative, independent ways that there are to make a living – this article will focus on the unique niche business of vintage door hardware distribution.

vintage industrial desks

Vintage is the way

Wherever there is demand for a product, there is an opportunity to profit from satisfying that demand. For the individuals that aspire to chase ambitious entrepreneurial endeavours the surprising things most often holding them back are their thoughts and ideas. Prosperous nations and ingenious money making ideas are all around each and every one of us during our everyday lives. Our failure to recognise and more importantly capitalise on the opportunities that are right in front of our noses is due to an inability to see the micro picture with an industrial desk.

The industrial homes are in

Brilliant vintage reproduction furniture has its wood highly polished, perfect attention to detail, fluent contours, perfect colour matches as well as graceful lines and elegant upholstery. With all these features, it is simple to know why a lot of folks furnish their homes with vintage, vintage and reproduction furniture.

A lot of people who are lovers of vintage furniture, opt for the reproduced versions. Their passion has also increased from an understanding of the era in which their furniture comes from.

If you have a study, think about buying an authority writing desk from the Regency period?

industrial desk

Desks or Tables?

The vintage desktop is high, and the drawers also lock which is a great deterrent to snoopy eyes. All your secret data and details can be quite safe from harm. It is also a lot better than buying a computer table as these tables are never suitable for writing letters or completing homework. Also, a replication York oak vintage table will look great in the dining room. They are expertly built and large enough for you to hold a dinner party for all your friends and family.


The most popular place that vintage door hardware distributors acquire their product is at construction sites where existing structures are being demolished or completely redone. In many instances, the door hardware may even be tossed aside as garbage free for the industrial desk. This scenario quite literally sets up an occasion where one man’s trash is, in fact, another man’s treasure.

The bottom line is that vintage industrial desks is just one of literally thousands of less competitive business niches that have such little competition that success is all but guaranteed.