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Today we’re talking about dog tags for pets!

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And more specifically where and how to go about getting custom pet id tags for a fraction of the cost those dodgy high street retailers are charging!

But all that’s to come. First things first. Why the heck are we talking about pet tags?

After all your dog is perfectly fine without having to find an id tag to put around it’s neck…. right?


At Smokers Racin, we’re dog lovers…

So imagine our surprise when we saw that over 70,000 dogs go missing EVERY year!

Don’t believe us? Read more about it here

See dog lovers protect their dogs. Even if it’s with a simple pet tag because losing them is NOT an option!

But fear not! Pet dog tags need not be boring! In fact they’re actually pretty cool…

There are tons of different styles out there and as we feel that “dog tags” are still a fashion must, why not treat your dog to some dog tags?

You can find all the best pet tags for your dog at: where somehow they’ve managed to get hold of luxury dog tags you can engrave… completely free!

Once you’re on the site, you will see a selection of tags you will be able to engrave personally. Ensure that the free + shipping discount offer is still running! The normal price of these tags are £4.95 but for a limited time only they are completely free if you buy through the links on their site!

Hit the blue url link above to check out their entire collection!

Once you’ve made your purchase, message the vendor directly with your personalized message you’d like engraved on your dog tags.

Not interested in online pet id tags for dogs?

Then here’s a video that will definitely tickle your fancy….